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CCNet Server Aggregator

Phil Haack and gang over on the SubText project have braught it to my attention that having multiple CCNet server can be an administration burden as far as CCTray is concerned.  They pointed out that multiple holes in the firewall … Continue reading

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March 13, 2007 CI Factory

CI Factory Beta

Announcing Beta 2 for CI Factory  It can be downloaded here and the release notes can be view from here. So what is new and noteworthy in this release?  I am going to say the most important new feature … Continue reading

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March 11, 2007 CI Factory, CI Factory News, Continuous Integration

MSTest Died!

We have been encountering this from MSTest intermitently: [mstest] Passed Dod.Chcsii.DataLayer.DataAccessHelper.ReaderPlayerTest.GetCharInvalidIndexTest[mstest] Run has the following issue(s):[mstest] The connection to the controller was lost.[mstest] Final Test Results:[mstest] Results Top Level Tests[mstest] ——- —————[mstest] Passed (run aborted) Dod.Chcsii.BusinessLayer.BusinessEntities.AntibodyTest.ConstructorIdNegativeInvalidNcid2Test … [mstest] Not Executed … Continue reading

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March 8, 2007 Continuous Integration, Unit Testing