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CI Factory Beta

This is the second release of the 0.9 series, build 52.  You can read the release notes here and download from here. This release includes and update for NCover 2.0.1!  Note the NCover package only supports 2.0.1.  There are two … Continue reading

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September 30, 2007 CI Factory, CI Factory News

Public Build Server for CI Factory

Stelligent is now hosting the build server for CI Factory.  That is correct the build server is now publicly available. factory     Not having a public build server has prevented the growth of a developer community on … Continue reading

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September 19, 2007 CI Factory News

Consequences of Pipeline Structure

There are two general ways in which you can structure a build pipeline: one cuts across the product and the other across validation. I was recently asked about breaking up the build by having a build hierarchy that mirrored the … Continue reading

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September 16, 2007 Continuous Integration