January 26, 2007 CI Factory, CI Factory News, Continuous Integration

CI Factory on ohloh

I had been meaing to get CI Factory on ohloh since Scott Hanselman’s post Ohloh? Oo la la – Open Source Project Analysis.  I got distracted by what it caused me to think of doing: A Different Approach to CCNET Statistics.  Anyway Owen Rogers posted to the ccnet-user google group that he has added CCNet to ohloh and I finially got up off my butt and did it.  Here are some of the stats produced with CCNet’s for some perspective.

CI Factory CCNet
Codebase  	128,273 LOC
Effort (est.) 	32 Person Years
Avg. Salary 	$55000/year
Total 	        $1,754,953

XML  	        79%
C# 	        18%
Visual Basic 	2%
Codebase  	89,752 LOC
Effort (est.) 	22 Person Years
Avg. Salary 	$55000/year
Total 	        $1,197,059

C#  	55%
XML 	18%
HTML 	16%
C/C++ 	10%
14,012 Total Views

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