March 8, 2007 Continuous Integration, Unit Testing

MSTest Died!

We have been encountering this from MSTest intermitently:

[mstest] Passed Dod.Chcsii.DataLayer.DataAccessHelper.ReaderPlayerTest.GetCharInvalidIndexTest
[mstest] Run has the following issue(s):
[mstest] The connection to the controller was lost.
[mstest] Final Test Results:
[mstest] Results Top Level Tests
[mstest] ——- —————
[mstest] Passed (run aborted) Dod.Chcsii.BusinessLayer.BusinessEntities.AntibodyTest.ConstructorIdNegativeInvalidNcid2Test

[mstest] Not Executed Dod.Chcsii.Shared.ParametersTest.Clone2
[mstest] 0/598 test(s) Passed, 292 Passed (run aborted), 306 Not Executed
[mstest] Summary
[mstest] ——-
[mstest] Test Run Error.
[mstest] Passed (run aborted) 292
[mstest] Not Executed 306
[mstest] ————————-
[mstest] Total 598
[mstest] Results file: c:\Projects\dod.ahlta\Current\Build\Unit Test Reports\dod.ahltaUnitTests.xml
[mstest] Run Configuration: Local Test Run

If we rerun it will succeed.  To help the developer know that they did not do something to fail the build and that it is a bug in the tool I added this to the build report.

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3 to “MSTest Died!”

  1. Travis Illig says...

    Any way to get a jab in on MSTest, right? :)

  2. jflowers says...

    You know it!

  3. Jeff Brown says...

    Of course, I’ve seen MbUnit crash in similar ways too… The .Net remoting connection between AppDomains seems to be somewhat fragile if your test also involves remoting.

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