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CI Factory Beta

Announcing Beta 2 for CI Factory  It can be downloaded here and the release notes can be view from here.

So what is new and noteworthy in this release?  I am going to say the most important new feature is the target FixUpThirdPartyRefs in the brand new Scratch.Lib.xml.  I have put some effort into easing the convertion of existing projects.  Between Gaston Milano‘s CoolCommands and the Third Party ref fixer most projects should be a snap to convert!  I even have a screencast dedicated to showing how easy it is.

The Scratch.Lib.xml is part of CI Factory’s new Power Tools; I am following Microsoft on this.  The power tools are things that I don’t have integrated into the install the way I would like them to be, yet I still want to get them out to you.  You can read more about the Power Tools here.

Next up on the list is even lest configuration needed for these packages to find their targets: MSTest, DotNetUnitTest, NCover, and NDepend.  CI Factory now has the capability to scan your project file (*.*proj) and get the project output (e.g. testproject.dll).  This means that you no longer have to follow a naming scheme as well as placing things in the right folder.  Now you just have to place them in the right folder (e.g. unit tests in the unit test folder).

Last one, there is now a Package Installer for installing Packages into existing CI Factory projects.  It is described in the Installation guide.

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