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Software Configuration Management Ecowarrior

There was a post on the XP Yahoo user group not to long ago asking:

What do you call the “CI and automated test guy”?

I recently started a new job in this capacity.  The title I was given? Automation Engineer.

Before I left Northrop Grumman a co-worker and ex-boss tried to help me start a new group: Software Development Lifecycle Services.  It never happened, yet I liked the idea so much I have been living it at my new job.

Right now it is just me, a team of 1.  Some day there might be a need for more than me, and I might be all that is needed.  So the developers and testers are my users.  The managers are my customers.  I have not really verbalized much of this to anyone at work.  I am just doing it and trying to do it in a way that demonstrates.  After a history of action I can complement with words and realize the dream.  One of the ways I am trying to be transparent is with a public task board.

I have found peoples reactions interesting.  Acting in your circle of influence really does work.

So back to the thread on the XP Yahoo user group.  I explained some of this in a reply an stated that I am still a developer and my product is a software configuration management ecosystem.  Elizabeth Keogh replied that made me a software configuration management ecowarrior.

I love it.

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