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Home Office

I finally got my home office setup the way I wanted.


Much of what I purchased is due to Jeff Atwood.

Computer Display Calibration 101

LCD Monitor Arms

Computer Workstation Ergonomics

Building a PC, Part IV: Now It’s Your Turn


Thanks Jeff for all your research!

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  1. PWills says...

    I’m a new reader, so apologies if this is in the archive somewhere… but what is that contraption under your monitors that looks like the world’s bulkiest webcam?

  2. Bil Simser says...

    What’s odd about this is that this looks *exactly* like the setup I have and the setup John Bristowe has (although Johns monitors are in the corner). Creepy.

  3. Conor says...

    Hi Jay,

    I was wondering why type of desk you have? I am looking to outfit my new home office and that desk is exactly what I am looking for! Any info you could provide would be great.



  4. jflowers says...

    Hi Conor,
    I think it is a Sauder brand desk. I can’t find a label on it. I looked through Sauder’s web site and did not see it there.


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