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CI Factory 0.7 RC1

Believe it or not there has actually been a lot of work on CI Factory over the last 5 or 6 months.  It may not have been public but the work was happening none the less.  I posted sometime ago about how many project at my day job that we are using it on (close to 70).  I have finally taken the time to merge it all back into the public codeline.  I have started getting the documentation up to date as well.  There is now a good introduction and a good install document.  There are several new packages available, most important amongst them is Subversion.

Packages currently bundled with the CI Factory installer:

  • Visual Source Safe
  • Subversion
  • Assembly and product versioning
  • PVCS Tracker
  • .NET Visual Studio 2003/2005 solution compilation
  • Unit Test execution with MbUnit
  • Code Coverage with CoverageEye
  • nDepend
  • Deployment artifact publication
  • Install Shield or VS deployment packages

Independent Packages :

  • Ant
  • VB6Compile
  • LinesOfCode

It’s not all done but it is closer than it ever has been.  I hope to have some videos added this week as well as get the rest of the packages documented.

You can download CI Factory 0.7 RC1 and independent packages here.



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